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How to BLOW his mind in the bedroom!

Updated: Jan 29, 2018

Blow job or hand job...It's not a job if you love what you're doing!

Alright Guys & Dolls! Whether you're in a new relationship or with your long-time love you're about to get some life changing blow job tips and tricks! A lot of my clients ask for book recommendations on the topic of oral pleasure, one of my favorite books and inspiration behind this blog post is the book, Heads Up by Dr. Teesha Morgan & Constance Lynn. These ladies know their stuff! I've provided a couple techniques from this book as well as a few of my own. But first, I want to make sure we're all on the same page about the hot spots on the male sexual anatomy because I'll be using these spots in my tips and tricks. Please see below:

As a Sexologist & Certified Sex Coach, and my own personal experience I've developed three rules to follow that will ensure you and your partner enjoy oral sex and continue to create intimacy and connection within your relationship.

Rule #1- Enjoy it! In order for you to start enjoying giving oral pleasure try focusing on the texture of your partner's skin, the temperature you feel with your mouth on all his tidbits and lastly, pressure- what different places require different amounts of pressure. This will get you focusing on the feel of your partners skin on your lips and in your mouth, tongue and hands. Some parts are so soft! Rule #2- Since most of the nerve endings are found on the head or crown of the penis do most of your pleasure skills on this area. The frenulum (located underside just below the crown.. you should see a v shape here) it's the male version of the clitoris.  So it's super sensitive here. A light pressure here will go far :) And also the underside of the penis, from frenulum to 2-3" down the shaft is also a sensitive part of the penis.  This is a great place to apply pressure from your ice cream tongue. Rule #3- Mix up your techniques!  Keeping it interesting for YOU and YOUR PARTNER!

I will be referring to two types of tongue techniques:

1- Ice Cream tongue (relaxed flat tongue) Imagine you're trying to lick as much ice cream off that cone!

2- Tight tongue (tight and pointy) Imagine you're pushing something through a hole with your tongue


The Flicker- Start by using your ice cream tongue to lick the shaft from bottom to top only when you start to reach the frenulum you slow down and start using a tight tongue on the frenulum making a flickering motion back-forth and up-down.  Now repeat, it's up to you to create your own pattern here of pleasure.  Listen to your man's body to read his reaction. 

Twist-do- Using your ice cream tongue, outside of your mouth, start making lapping circles around your partner's crown or head of penis.. switching up the direction as you go along.  You'll also want to be applying a light grip on his shaft and moving up and down in a fluid motion.  The tongue out allows for a great visual for you man to watch you do this.  If he's not looking at you, tell him to.. don't ask! Tell him you want him to watch you do this. Sexy!

Ball Play- Don't forget to play with his balls lovers.. Lick, suck, tickle, scratch and tug lightly! This also includes the extra pleasurable spot, perineum which is located just behind the balls but don't go too far or you'll hit his anus. So, the perineum is where you'll find his penile root.. if you apply a little pressure here you'll feel the shaft of his penis continuing into his body and can be felt here.. You can actually continue to stroke his shaft inside his body! So cool!

Positions to play with:

Top Dog- Get into missionary position. You laying on the bottom-him on top basically in a push up position.  You'll stay laying down but you scoot your body down so that you face right in contact with his penis.  Now you start to perform oral sex on him and this is also a fantastic position for you to play with his butt/butt hole if he's open to that.  Use this ball technique while you give him oral pleasure and ROCK HIS WORLD!  Your left hand will be aiding you during the blow job stroking up and down and your right hand will swoop between his genitals and his left thigh.. this creates the perfect little area for you to slip your forearm though and boom there is his butt!  Or, you can place your right thumb in the seam that separates his two balls or one if that's what he's working with.  This allows you to push the balls back a little so that your fingers have great access to his perineum for stimulation swooping your fingers length-wise over his penile root or you can easily grab either side of his root and lightly stroke it from this position. 

Hop On- Hop Off: This requires you to be in cowgirl position - you on top, facing your partner.  When you're ready, make sure you are able to whisper into your partners ear say - "Tell me when you're close to cuming." Then say I'm going to make you cum in my mouth.  He'll most likely very soon after that say he's close.  Then you hop off him and lower your head to his penis and start performing some variation of oral sex on him.  If you aren't into him cuming in your mouth there is a little trick to this.  Use the underside of your ice cream tongue as a barrier to blocking his cum from going in to your mouth. Just place your tongue over his urethan opening (pee hole)- don't actually touch it though.. it's just there to block the cum.

Now, go find your lover and start practicing some or all of these tips, tricks & positions! If you're interested in learning more, book a session with me to begin claiming your sexual fulfillment.

For more information about Kristine D'Angelo, Certified Sex Coach please visit her About page on her website.



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