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Sex Coaching for Couples

Wood blocks spelling out Intimacy

Everything in your relationship is great, you both admire and respect each other but your sex life could use some improving.

Are you experiencing uneven levels of desire?

Do you struggle bringing creativity to your sex life?

Is building emotional intimacy a challenge for you?

You've come to the right place! 

By working with me as a couple you'll not only have access to my tips and techniques that will bring sizzle and fire into your bedroom, but you'll learn how to communicate your sexual desires.

Are you ready to feel connected to your partner, 

become sexually enlightened together.and become inspired to build physical and emotional intimacy?

It's time to bring in more fun, creativity
and ease into the bedroom!
  • No (or little) sexual activity

  • Uneven desire for sex

  • Guiding you through opening up your relationship

  • Pre-martial sex coaching

  • Yearning for more creativity during sex

  • Performance anxiety

  • Difficulty communicating what you want from your partner sexually

How do you get started?  

Click here to book a 20-minute complimentary phone session and we'll explore if sex coaching is right for you and your partner.

If you feel I'm a good fit for you as your sex coach, you will then book your first session. 

My sessions for individuals run 60 minutes and are completely confidential.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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