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Could Spectatoring be Getting in the Way of Your Sexual Fulfillment?

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

What is Spectatoring?

A term used by sex researchers Masters and Johnson to describe when a person worries about or judges their appearance or performance during sexual experiences.

Ways to shift away from spectatoring:

1- Shift from a goal-focused mindset to a pleasure-focused mindset

2- Begin a practice of mindfulness, focusing on slowing down and sensations in your body. (join my email list to gain access to my mindfulness instructional video).

3- Focus on your breath and TTP during sex (TTP explained in video above)

4- Address any underlying body image or intimacy issues, you may need to seek professional help through therapy or coaching for this.

5- Utilize these resources! Come As You Are by Emily Nagoski, Better Sex Through Mindfulness by Lori Brotto, From Madness to Mindfulness by Jennifer Gunsaullus

If you feel you're ready to make positive change in your sex life please book a session with me. I'll help you step by step shift from goal-focused to becoming pleasure-focused during sexual experiences.

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