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How To Successfully Date Online

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Nicolette Hume of the Living Well Series. She asked me to talk about the ups and downs of online dating, how to be successful at it and what are any risks involved while online dating. Whether you're young and looking for fun or middle-aged looking for a forever companion dating online can be very uncomfortable for many reasons. In this interview I offer tips, strategies and some important things to consider before hopping online.

1- How to read someone's profile?

2- How do you create an attractive profile?

3- What are red flags to look out for?

4- What photos should you put up of yourself?

5- What are Romance Scams and how to not fall victim to one?

6- What are the best sites to go on?

7- Profiles - what do you say about yourself?

These are just a few of the points we touch on during this interview. Helping clients create an authentic representation of themselves to really be able to attract the relationship(s) you deserve!

Do you need help curating an online dating profile? Let's do it! Book a complimentary phone call to discuss your options! Book that here.



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