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Sex Advice From Your Older Self

In this segment of Afternoon Live I give Tre' my approach to staying the sexy course to maintain sexual health in your twilight years. The first step is to have a conversation with your older self, what advice would he/she give you to start working on or forming healthy habits NOW that will benefit you and set you up for sex LATER? For example, my older sexy self told me to practice a positive self awareness, building body positivity. By creating positive thoughts about yourself now the more it will be a positive & healthy habit that you will instinctually resort to when you have thoughts about your body, personality and overall drive for success in your life.

There are three main areas women want to focus on when looking towards your future sexy-self:

1: Women's Sexual Health - "Use it or lose it" concept

2: Attitude - Creating body positivity

3: Body - Learning and maintaining a healthy pelvic floor routine

To learn more about how you can prepare NOW for sex LATER, consider joining my workshop, here in Portland on September 13th from 6p-8p.



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