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Reading is Sexy! Book suggestions for all!

Updated: Mar 22, 2018

Sex Coach, Kristine D'Angelo shared some of her favorite books with Tra'Renee about sexuality, cultivating a sex-filled relationship and how to jumpstart your relationship. All titles below are linked to Amazon for your convenience.

Jane introduces a way to jumpstart your sexless relationship. She walks her readers through the process of creating what she calls your Bedroom Blueprint. Jane uses the acronym BEDROOM to help her readers better understand what they need and want in their sex life. You can work through this book with your partner to create your Bedroom Blueprint. This is an interactive book prompting you to work through each section cultivating your blueprint.

This is another interactive book created and written by a sexual health educator. She focuses this book on women's anatomy of arousal and dives into the more scientific side of sexuality and women's arousal. There are exercises throughout that shed light on a lot of topics important to women such as body image, arousal response cycle, desire and really encourages her readers to find their sexual voice. For a lot of women this books helps normalize what they think and feel about their bodies and sexuality. Women (or anybody else) should read this to gain clarity & perspective on their sexual selves.

Logan goes from A - Z in regards to helping parents navigate sexual education at home. He offers solutions and option to navigating those tough questions your children will ask you. He provides body education including anatomy and puberty changes to expect, sexual orientation, how to talk about the importance of sexual health, STI's how to protect yourself, and also provides a lot of great resources for parents as well. Parents, it's never too soon to pick up this book and use it.

This book covers everything you need to know to start giving and receiving sensual massages with you partner. It covers the basics of touch - touch spectrum which was mentioned in a previous segment of mine. This book also covers the health benefits of massage in your relationship, what massage oils to us, different textures and sensations to explore.. it's really the ABC's of massage. My favorite part of this book is their tips for better bonding & intimacy. Couples or individuals looking to up their sensual massage game should definitely get this book. Great exploratory experience for a couple to do.

This is a complete guide to caring for your sexual self. From revisiting childhood messages about sex, going through puberty, and understanding your body. This book covers body image concerns, STI's, how to develop sexual confidence, and navigate painful sex and menopause. This book is for women who are looking to expand their own knowledge about their bodies and sexuality.

Janet has taken her love for creativity and sexuality and created this beautiful coloring and workbook. She weaves creativity, sexuality, meditation and education in this book. She has provided her readers a journal that accompanies each drawing she did to reflect and write down any emotions or feelings or thoughts that come up while coloring the images. She uses the acronym BACK to take you on a little journey reflecting on Body, Adventure, Connection and Kamerad - German word for "to surrender". This book encourages you to slow down and become mindful of the present moment. Great gift idea for that creative in your life!

For more information about Kristine D'Angelo, Certified Sex Coach please visit her About page on her website.



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