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Pumpkin Isn't The Only Spice This Holiday Season!

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

How to stay connected and create intimacy with your partner this holiday season

Alright, the holiday season is upon us! That means most of us will be thrown into a stress-filled family gathering that will leave most of us reaching for that second or third glass of wine. In this segment of Afternoon Live from 2016 I share with Tra' Renee my tips for staying connected with your partner and easing the stress of the holidays. It's important to remember the benefits of sharing intimacy with your partner and the health benefits that can come with sharing a connecting moment with your partner, even when you have little to no time to do so! Making your relationship a priority in this crazy time of the year is hard to do! Watch this video to learn my easy tips how to stay connected this holiday season.

  • Take advantage of having your relatives in town and ask them to watch your kids or animals for an hour or two while you go do something together like; go to a movie, go for a scenic drive, do a wine tasting, etc.

  • Gift each other with a massage either before the holiday happens or right after the holiday to allow time to decompress and relax together.

  • Remember how to flirt with your partner! Even though you're at the same event you may not talk or see your partner for hours because you're engrossed in conversation or meal prep/eating eating. Take a minute to shoot your loved one a text and let them know you're thinking about them or that they look really sexy today.

  • Role Play with your partner- It's Christmas time which means you can make use of those Mr & Mrs Clause outfits! Take 20 minutes to surprise your honey with some role play before the festivities begin or when everybody leaves. This will be fun!

  • Play with the naughty/nice holiday tradition! Let your partner know that you'll be doing some nice and oh so naughty things to watch for and if your partner catches it, well there will be a little surprise for them later. It's just fun to create anticipation with you partner during these stressful times.

I want to wish everybody a safe, happy and sexy holiday season!

For more information about Kristine D'Angelo, Certified Sex Coach please visit her About page on her website.


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