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How to Read Your Partner's Touch

Updated: Jan 29, 2018

Do you find yourself avoiding your partner's touch? Do you feel you read your partner's touch as them always wanting sex? Watch the below video to learn more about the Spectrum of Touch and how it can bring healing to your relationship.

The spectrum of touch is a tool used by many professionals who work with couples. It's a spectrum that shows the different kinds of touch and how each partner interprets each one. By learning how you and your partner both perceive touch and help heal miscommunication and also avoid assumptions of what our partner's touch implies. The Spectrum of Touch covers 5 areas of touch; Healing->Affectionate->Sensual->Erotic->Sexual. Kristine explains the different between each touch and how to interrupt them. Watch this video with your partner and learn about each other's motivation behind touching. It just might surprise you!

For more information about Kristine D'Angelo, Certified Sex Coach please visit her About page on her website.


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