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Do You Want Deeper Orgasms?

Updated: Jan 29, 2018

The importance of Breath and Intimacy

Incorporating breathing techniques can enhance pleasure and intimacy -- with and without a partner. The following techniques will allow us to be more present in our bodies and less focused in our heads.

Technique #1- How to properly breath. So many of us breath into our upper chest and not our belly. Chest breaths don't utilize all of your lung capacity which limits the amount of oxygen you're taking into your bloodstream. Inhale slowly through your nose and exhale through your mouth When you take belly breaths you're using your full lung capacity and allowing your body to get the energy it needs to perform better.

Technique #2- Partner breathing: find a comfortable position with you partner. You'll be finding synchronized breath. Lay side by side, sit back to back, sit crossed-legged in front of your partner and rest your foreheads together, lowering your chins. Use your breath to synchronize with your partner to calm you both down, bringing your body to a relaxed state and then start to feel the rise and fall of each of your breaths. It's very arousing and brings connectivity that wasn't there before. You'll want to do this for at least a minute -- but the longer you do it, the better you'll feel.

Technique #3- When starting to become aroused, do the belly breaths as mentioned above. Then as you are getting close to climax take full-mouth belly breaths.These are belly breaths but inhaling and exhaling only through your mouth and at a faster pace. You're opening up your body to increased sexual energy and giving your bloodstream the oxygen it needs to carry down to all those important spots that make us feel pleasure.

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