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How To Learn What You Like Sexually

How do you start to learn your sexual likes and dislikes? It's tough to explore this when you've never been shown how or been told the importance around exploring this side of yourself. This segment on Afternoon Live, I share my tips on getting started exploring this wonderful and confident way to express your sexuality. In this video I cover the following:

1- Self Touch and the benefits/rewards of investing in yourself first

-sexual response cycle

- Learning what feels good/doesn't feel good

- Experimenting w diff. techniques

2- Consuming erotica, watching a sexy scene in a movie or any adult content.

- Noticing what excites you

- Keeping a journal

- What do you fantasize about?

3- Experimenting with what you've discovered , trying it out is the best way to learn

- Initiating a convo with your partner about what you're learning. What would you like to try? How to bring this up if it's difficult

- Are you single? Great, utilize this time to really explore anything you want - as long as its safe and consensual


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