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Couples Trying To Conceive? Watch This Video!

For so many couples the struggle to conceive carries it's own stress, 70% of couples will conceive after trying for 6 months and 85% of couples will conceive after 1 year! This time frame can seem REALLY long for those who become impatient, frustrated and all consumed by baby-makin stressors. I know it doesn't seem possible but it is possible to maintain intimacy during this stressful time! On this segment of Afternoon Live I shared my tips for couples to form a united front and share in the responsibilities that come with this momentous life change. It's time to enjoy sex now before your new baby comes crashing into your bedroom like the Kool-Aid Man.

1- Approach conceiving as a team effort, you're both pieces of the puzzle that need to be there. Equal parts of responsibility to make dr. apps, track ovulation and initiate sex, maintain a healthy lifestyle and help each other lower stress.

2-Remember to have fun! Bring toys into the bedroom to spice things up and turn a "quickie" into a pleasurable experience for you both to look forward to!

3-Sex/Intimacy/Romance- Yes, you have sex to conceive but when you overlook the intimacy and romance you miss out on really connecting with your partner which will make room for pleasure in your life, slow down and enjoy the ride to conception.



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