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Can Yoga Increase Your Libido?

Updated: Feb 14, 2018

There are many benefits to practicing yoga, and increasing your libido is one of them! Yoga can increase your flexibility, helps create and maintain a positive body image while allowing you to be open in the present moment, appreciating the time you've been given to explore pleasure. On top of all of these benefits, my favorite, of course is an increase in circulation throughout your body. When you increase circulation, you're increasing blood flow to your pelvic organs which in turn provides the blood flow necessary for arousal, orgasm and pleasure. Not only does yoga increase circulation in all the right places, it's also proven to decrease stress. What's the biggest libido killer? STRESS!

It's no surprise that most physical activity is linked to reduced stress levels but, specifically yoga, it has the proven ability to reduce or relieve stress while also cultivating a spiritual connection between mind and body that works just a little bit more on freeing up your mind from life stressors. What happens when you free up that prime real estate in your mind ? You start to focus more on the pleasure your body is experiencing rather than worrying about getting that load of laundry into the washer before bed! If you're curious about trying some poses yourself, I encourage you to try some of the following poses:

  • Cat/Cow Flow - This pose will help you contract and release your pelvic floor while moving through the pose. It's open for debate whether or not doing your kegels is good/bad for your pelvic floor. I am behind the theory of doing all you can to improve and strengthen your pelvic floor as it's an integral part of sexual health and experiencing orgasms. Consult with your healthcare provider before starting strengthen your pelvic floor and doing kegel exercises.

  • Bound Angle Pose- This pose is great for addressing a low libido. It increases blood flow to the pelvic area immediately while stretching your inner thighs and opening up your hips for a wider range of motion.

  • Pigeon Pose- I personally love this pose because it releases tension in your hips and brings your attention to your breath. Deeper breaths = Deeper orgasms.

  • Eagle Pose- This pose, when released send blood flows through your cervix. More blood flow = more sexual arousal! While this pose address a woman's cervix, men can also benefit from doing this pose.

  • Bridge Pose- Similar to cat/cow pose, bridge pose strengthens the pelvic floor and vagina which can lead to experiencing deeper orgasms while increasing stretch in your hip flexors.

  • Downward Dog- Holding downward dog increases flexibility, body confidence and calms the mind. Being in this position places your eye line on your pelvic region which is a lovely reminder to stay connected to your vulva. It will also ease lower back tension which can help with holding sexual poses and maintaining stamina during sex.

Honestly, these poses are just scratching the surface on how yoga can boost your libido into overdrive. If you're curious about more information and want to attend a workshop then you're in luck! April 5th, here in Portland, Oregon I will be collaborating with Kimi Marin, yoga therapist. Together we will hold a 2-hour workshop titled: Enhancing Pleasure Through Yoga. Click here to reserve your seat.


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